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At Chi Omega, we value unforgettable memories.
We value furthering our bond as sisters through our time spent together.
We value the importance of enriching our collegiate experiences through the creation of a strong community.
Each semester, we come together with fellow sisters, other sororities, or fraternities on campus for mixers, crush parties, date functions, sisterhood events, and game day activities. Whether it's Big Little Reveal, a sisterhood HIIT or yoga class, or our annual Semi-Formal or Spring Formal, our sisters make the most of their time at Clemson University by stressing the importance of balancing school and involvement with leisure activities. 


Website Chair, Sydney Freeze

Hi! I'm Sydney!

I’m a marketing major with a brand communications minor and last semester I took a class on website development where I actually got the chance to completely rebuild a brand's website. My team and I partnered with The Darren Daulton Foundation, a wonderful non profit organization that provides financial support to those suffering from primary, malignant brain tumors. Following this collaboration, I was able to secure an internship with the organization. I help with their website development primarily and assist on some things for their social media accounts. I have felt very creatively fulfilled working on website building, which is exactly why I applied to be Chi Omega’s inaugural website chair!

I have had so much fun collaborating with Liv and updating Psi Kappa’s website. I hope you love it <3

Sydney freeze

2024 Website Chair

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